Why Uhuru Chose Raila Over Ruto

General elections fast approaching, Political landscape quickly shifting with political friends parting ways as foes join forces to capture and/or recapture power. What is behind these formations? Azimio la Umoja,Kenya Kwanza and others yet to be formalized?

Why Uhuru Chose Raila Over Ruto
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On 9 March 2018, Uhuru and Raila Shook hands after a hotly contested 2017 General election between Jubilee and ODM.The handshake angered DP Ruto and allies.

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Ruto and allies felt left out of government when The president issued executive order number 1 of 2018 revised as;- and the order reads in part;-


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From this executive Oder, it was evident that The President was preparing for his succession politics and his legacy as well. Pundits opine that Ruto/Raila ambitions and age played a big role in this.

Mount Kenya power brokers has 22 August 1978 in Mind; When the Founding President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta died leaving  Young Moi to take the Instruments of power leading Kenya for 24 years; The longest serving President, Kenya will never see another like that one. The 2010 Constitution has Presidential term limits at a maximum of 10 consecutive years.

With this in mind The Power brokers from Mount Kenya are keen not to repeat the Moi mistake because they felt left out in the cold for so long in during the Moi era despite him endorsing young Uhuru as he was retiring from power.

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Like Young Moi,Ruto is seen as Sharp,brilliant,hardworking and self-made politician who will stand at nothing but to attain all he has put his head into. This does not go down well with those interested in making sure that power remains in Mount Kenya.

Raila on the other hand is a diplomat who has done so much for this country yet not been able to grasp presidential power despite his relentless effort to do so.Raila 77 seen as a harmless choice as he may not hang onto power if given chance to serve. This to Mount Kenya Brokers is sweet music to their ears.

This to me is the only reason why Uhuru Abandoned his Deputy for Raila.Uhuru cannot afford to turn down those who made him president when they come knoking.For those who think that the fallout between UhuRuto was any other thing a part from those pointed out here should open their eyes. Those who think that Uhuru is for a Raila Presidency because he likes him or his policies,should not even try to open their eyes: I will advice them to continue sleeping. What I cannot dispute is A Raila Presidency closer than has been ever before.

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