Size 8 Is Now A Pastor!

Size 8 Is Now A Pastor!

Gospel singer Linnet Munyali Muraya, alias Size 8 was is now a pastor! On Sunday, December 12 she wa  ordained as a pastor at JCC Thika. 

In a post on her Instagram page, Size 8 recounted how many people doubted her faith when she announced that she was born again.

"When I got born again, many wrote me off and said I won't even last a week in salvation, 8 years later now see God... His grace saved me from the secular world of music thru Jesus Christ and His power thru His spirit changed me to who I am today... My husband @djmokenya thank you for standing beside me today it was really important to me," Size 8 said.

The event was attended by celebrities including The Wajesus Family, DK Kwenye Beat as well as Lady Bee.

Prior to the ceremony, Size 8 said that her spiritual journey had been like a movie following the many twists and turns she went through.

My life is like a movie from the secular world to an ordained servant of God

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